los angeles

July 2010

treats - chocolate and toffee

I don't know the PR geniuses who started putting the word out that chocolate is good for you, but I love them. I believe them. I trust their every word. In my world, chocolate is the new penicillin. When I learned that Valerie, the lovely chocolatier whose confections I'd been admiring in various shops across the country, had its own little shop, I raced to it, knowing it was just what the doctor ordered. These pure, high-quality chocolates, toffees and truffles are exquisitely beautiful and deliciously unmatched. No marketing spin was needed to convince me of this: Valerie is good for you.

toffee noir
milk toffee
almond toffee treats
salt & pepper truffles
almond fleur de sel toffee
mint mendiants
hazelnut gianduja petits fours
mori ex cacao gift set

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