Time Out

November 2012

Best Pies in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving

We pick the best pies for your Thanksgiving table from apple pie and pumpkin pie to pecan pie and custard pie.

By Katherine Kims, Ramona Saviss

Looking for the best pies for Thanksgiving in Los Angeles? We, pastry fiends, are counting down the days when pumpkin (roasted, canned in a pinch) is mixed with all-spice, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon (ginger, if you're sassy) or crisp, fall apples—what better way to make use of the cold-weather fruit and spend a fall day—baked with a crumble, lattice or double crust.

We tasted our way (with sugar nausea along the way) through the city's best pies. Many were too sweet, some were too overpowering with spice, but the selected bunch were our blue ribbon favorites. From pumpkin, sweet potato, fruit (apple, quince, pear, cranberry) and pecan, here are the best pies for Thanksgiving in LA.

Apple & Salted Caramel pie
9-inch pie, $30. Valerie Confections Place order by November 17 for pick-up or delivery.

LA's queen of confections—Angelenos love Valerie Gordon's petits fours and chocolates—offers fall pies like this apple and salted-caramel stunner. The double crust beauty holds up to its good looks with crunchy apples and a soft, buttery crust. The selling point? Salted caramel...we just wish there was more of it.

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