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August 2012

Desserts That Take The Cake (Away)

The latest trend in wedding desserts? Hint: it doesn't include a wedding cake!

Some brides skip the white dress. Others toss the wedding entirely and decide to elope. The latest wedding tradition couples are testing the limites of? The tried-and-true wedding cake. Three-tiered confections are going by the wayside as other sweets like donuts, macarons and cake pops are trending.

we’ve already witnessed the cupcake trend, so read on for a list of this year’s surprising top treats:


Why stop at just one confection on your Big Day? Another trend in wedding desserts are tables filled with various flavors of chocolates, sweets or cookies, called a dessert buffet.

“They are incredibly successful both with the couple and their guests because they are designed to please everyone. There is always someone with an allergy or a food aversion of some kind at large events and offering an array of small desserts truly eliminates any potential food issues,” explains Valerie Gordon of Los Angeles-based Valerie Confections.“Buffets are also more conversational and interactive, opening up more opportunities for dialogue and sharing amongst family and guests,” shares Gordon. Truffles, toffees, mendiants and caramels are just a few candies that dress up any menu. As for quantity, Gordon suggests aiming for a whopping 15 desserts, expecting guests to consume four to five small desserts per person.


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