Los Angeles I'm Yours

June 2012

Timeless Treat Making: An Interview with Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections

By Kyle Fitzpatrick

Valerie Gordon is passionate. She is one of those people who lives and breathes her work and family and interests and cannot separate them. However, she has woven all of these elements together through a culinary outfit, Valerie Confections. She is her work and her brand: there is no way to separate the two. Her company is a sweets and savory business she runs with her partner, Stan Weightman Jr., and a growing list of employees. Valerie puts her heart and soul into her goods and they have boomed as a result, carried as locally as her South Silver Lake storefront to Dean & Deluca’s across the nation. Her momentum is quickly growing and soon enough, Valerie Gordon will be a household name.

“I was born and raised in San Francisco,” she begins as we sit at a little table in the back office of Valerie Confections. Stan stands in the background briefly holding Lee, their 6 month old daughter. “My family was a little bit untraditional. My mother was Chinese and my father was an older sculptor: they had a rather large age gap. I went to grammar school on Haight Street when it truly was this multi-cultural melting pot. It was a very different city than it is now. It was sort of idyllic, like an urban utopia.”


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