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October 2013

Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections has had quite a year. She and her brand now have two new locations, one in Grand Central Market and one in Echo Park, and both have been heavily lauded. To add to this, a dream of hers has finally come to fruition: she has published a book! It’s called SWEET and it is a beautiful, delectable, yum inducing collection of tips and recipes for making some of her now-iconic LA treats.


To celebrate the release of her book, Valerie and friends got together at Heath on Beverly last night to take a look at her book and to try lots and lots and lots of her treats while sipping sparkling rosé. It was the adult sweets party that you’ve always dreamed of: there was a Blum’s Crunch Cake and a Rose Petal Cake and sweet galettes, hand pies, White Chocolate Coconut Cakes, and more. It was like the Mad Tea Party minus the madness and minus the tea and plus rosé, all with Heath plates around for you to imagine serving yourself with. The pairing of both Valerie and Heath are also quite perfect considering they sold some of her treats and, now, you can make her treats with your Heath Ceramics dishes. It’s a pretty genius pairing!

The book is also a very decadent, very luxurious little item. It features gorgeousphotography by Peden + Munk, which helps to further Valerie’s Golden Age Hollywood feel in addition to positioning her as an Ina Garten-ish high-end treat maker. Her work here is so nice and detailed, explaining what fleur de sel is and where to buy things to help serve yourself. Want to know why there isgold on a cake? She explains. There is a lot of detail and a lot of time put into this book and the recipes. We haven’t gotten to try any of them (Yet!) but we do know that they will be delicious challenges. If you aren’t a sweets and baked goods person, don’t fret: the book rolls from front to back from the sweet stuff to the more savory, non-desert oriented, wisely taxonomized by how they are served, from (cake) pedestals to (pie) tins to (cookie) jars and more. You’ll still find things like chocolate granola and butternut squash bread despite being in “non-desert” sections.

The brand and the celebration of the new work is all exactly what the title suggests: it was very sweet. There is something in the (big) book for everyone and it is done so expertly and with such finesse that you will feel like a fancy, schmancy baker yourself, putting candied roses all over your apartment and only eating champagne gelée. If only! The book is available now for purchase at Heath and likely at Valerie’s many LA outposts. Can’t make it to either? Grab a book online. It would make an excellent gift for any foodie you know. See more from the book’s celebration below in addition to a few more peeks inside SWEET.

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