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    Darkened Milk Chocolate with Nuts, Fruits, and Soy Salt. Learn More
  2. Tea & Cookie Gift Set

    Tea & Cookie Gift Set


    An adorable gift set that includes our thin, buttery Sugar Cookies, and golden tins filled with Blanc Fleur, and Sweet Sencha Teas. A simple and elegant afternoon tea wrapped up for gifting. Learn More
  3. Tea & Chocolate Gift Set

    Tea & Chocolate Gift Set


    A celebration of tea, our new Tea & Chocolate Gift Set is perfect for the tea lover. The set contains an elegant box of Tea Truffles accompanied with the four teas that inspired them: Jasmine Pearl, Moroccan Mint, Earl Grey and Hot Matcha. Learn More
  4. Pour Elle Gift Set

    Pour Elle Gift Set


    This gift box contains our Pour Elle Assortment filled with Sweet Sencha Hearts and Rose Petal Passionfruit Truffles; delicate Sugar Cookies; a 38% Milk Chocolate Bar; a 4 piece box of Floral Petits Fours; and a jar of our seasonal Preserves. Learn More
  5. Pour Homme Gift Set

    Pour Homme Gift Set


    This gift box contains our Pour Homme Assortment filled with Almond Toffee Hearts and Liquid Caramel Hearts; Durango Bark composed of darkened milk chocolate topped with roasted almonds, cocoa nibs, and Durango smoked salt; 2 chocolate bars - 61% Bittersweet Salt & Pepper Chocolate Bar and 72% Chocolate Bar; and a jar of our seasonal Preserves. Learn More
  6. Tea & Preserve Set

    Tea & Preserve Set


    Our new line premium loose leaf teas have been blended expressly for Valerie Confections and are a wonderful accompaniment to our preserves. This set is a perfect addition to any brunch. Learn More
  7. The Vivian Gift Tower

    The Vivian Gift Tower


    A delicious survey of our line which includes a 9 piece Truffle Assortment, 8 piece Toffee Assortment in bittersweet chocolate, and 12 piece Assorted Petits Fours.

    Wrapped with black satin ribbon. Learn More
  8. The Isabelle Gift Tower

    The Isabelle Gift Tower


    This collection includes a 24 piece Bittersweet Toffee Assortment, a 12 piece Petits Fours Assortment, a 20 piece Liquid Caramel and 72% Ganache Truffle Assortment, a 20 piece Tea Truffle Assortment, a 15 piece box of Salt & Pepper Truffles, a 14 piece box of Holiday Nougat, and a 6 piece box of Bittersweet Almond Fleur de Sel Toffee. Learn More
  9. The Lee Gift Tower

    The Lee Gift Tower


    Featuring an 8 piece Assortment of Toffee in Bittersweet Chocolate, a 6 piece Almond Fleur de Sel Toffee Box, and a 9 piece Truffle Assortment in Milk ,Bittersweet and White Chocolates. Learn More
  10. Grand Assortment

    Grand Assortment


    All in bittersweet chocolate, our Grand Assortment features a selection of our most popular toffees, truffles, mendiants and caramels. In an ivory box tied with gold satin ribbon. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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