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  1. Durango Salt

    Durango Salt


    Pacific sea salt flakes are smoked over Hickory hard wood resulting in a smoke flavor that is full and clean. Enjoy on chocolate. Learn More
  2. Fleur de Sel

    Fleur de Sel


    This French sea salt has larger crystals than table or kosher salt and enhances the flavor of any dish both sweet and savory. Learn More
  3. Grey Sea Salt

    Grey Sea Salt


    An intense, crunchy salt with a grey hue. Learn More
  4. Smoked Paprika

    Smoked Paprika


    This spice imparts a wonderful amber color and sweet, smoky flavor to all dishes. Learn More
  5. Atomized Chocolate

    Atomized Chocolate


    Finely ground 69% chocolate, a delicious way to "finish" all baked goods. Learn More
  6. Dried Oranges

    Dried Oranges


    Exquisite, organic, dried oranges. Delicious as a snack and an invaluable ingredient for every baker's larder. Learn More
  7. Cocoa Nibs

    Cocoa Nibs


    Bits of cocoa beans with delicate crunch, and chocolate aroma. An excellent ingredient or topping. Learn More

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