Father's Day

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  1. Durango Toffee

    Durango Toffee


    Buttery toffee made with almonds and cocoa nibs, dipped in darkened milk chocolate and finished with Durango hickory smoked salt. Learn More
  2. Scotch & Stout Truffles

    Scotch & Stout Truffles


    A masculine take on the traditional chocolate box, these truffles are filled with creamy chocolate ganache flavored with either 10-year-old Macallan Scotch or Rogue Chocolate Stout from Portland Oregon. Molded in milk and bittersweet chocolate shells, these truffles are an exceptional bite-sized indulgence. Learn More
  3. August Gift Box

    August Gift Box


    This wonderful Gift Box includes a 20 piece box of Scotch & Stout Truffles, an 8 piece Bittersweet Toffee Assortment, Chocolate Dipped Shortbread, and a 61% Bittersweet Salt & Pepper Bar. Learn More
  4. Smoke & Spice Truffles

    Smoke & Spice Truffles


    These smooth bittersweet truffles are made with Valrhona 64% Tainori chocolate, infused with Windrose Farms smoked chilies, then delicately finished with ground chocolate and smoked paprika. Packed in our signature brown box and tied with orange satin ribbon. Learn More



    Darkened Milk Chocolate with Nuts, Fruits, and Soy Salt. Learn More
  6. Baby Grand Assortment

    Baby Grand Assortment


    An assortment of our most popular toffees, truffles, and caramels all enrobed in bittersweet chocolate. Learn More
  7. Hot Good Mix

    Hot Good Mix


    Since launching in 2013, our original Good Mix has developed an ardent and loyal fan base. And we can understand why-- it is addictively good. We are now expanding the Good Mix family with new Hot Good Mix. It's an amazing mix of bittersweet chocolate, almonds, sesame seeds and raisins dusted with cocoa powder, fleur de sel, peppers and paprika to make a spicy, sweet and salty snack. Hot Good Mix marks our fourth collaboration with Commune Design. Learn More
  8. Grand Assortment

    Grand Assortment


    All in bittersweet chocolate, our Grand Assortment features a selection of our most popular toffees, truffles, mendiants and caramels. In an ivory box tied with gold satin ribbon. Learn More
  9. Caramels



    We are delighted to introduce four new caramel flavors to our collection:
    Fleur de Sel Caramel - Made with fresh cream, and fleur de sel.
    Marcona Almond Caramel - Rich, buttery caramel studded with marcona almonds for a satisfyingly chewy treat.
    Black Sesame Caramel - Savory and smokey black sesame seeds are paired with luscious caramel creating a unique flavor and texture.
    Pumpkin Seed Caramel - Made with pumpkin seeds and accented with soy salt. Learn More
  10. Almond Toffee Assortment, 12 Piece Box

    Almond Toffee Assortment, 12 Piece Box


    Almond and Almond Fleur de Sel Toffee, Bittersweet Chocolate Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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